Funding Your Care

You chosen and made the important decision that home care is the best way for you, or someone you love, to carry on living independently at home, it’s natural to think about the cost of these services and how you are going to cover them financially. For this reason, we encourage you to find out whether you may be entitled to help with meeting the cost, particularly if your income and savings are limited.

You may be eligible for local authority funding to help with the cost of home care and if you have not already done so, the first step to establishing whether you are eligible for financial help is to contact your local council.

They will assess your support needs and, if you meet their eligibility criteria, they will also assess your personal financial circumstances. These assessments will help your council to decide the level of financial assistance you are entitled to help pay for the support you need. Although this process is similar for all local authorities, the actual assessment and the funding available will vary from council to council.

The government wants to give people who receive local authority-funded care and support more control and choice over their care. This means giving people who are eligible for financial assistance the option of choosing their own package of care and arranging home care services directly with the provider of their choice, like Five stars Home Care